We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

May 19, 2007

On the occation of a sunny day for yard saling

Some people go to the spa, others go off to some fancy mall, all in search of a little indulgence. Today I got to indulge myself in yard and estate sales. It was a bright sunny morning and Kevin needed study time so I loaded Alder up in the car and headed over to some of the ritzier neighborhoods of Denver.

Our first stop was a small sale where we picked up a CD. Then back into the car and the next sale on I walked away with 4 books. Then we came across a sign for an estate sale (these are always thicker).
The day was worth it just to be able to go into this house. It had been built in the '60's and still had all the original modern styling. Including the turquoise, walnut and brass kitchen. There was even an atrium with a fountain (dry). While I spent most of my time looking at the house I did find a few pieces of clothing for me.

Next we came to another estate sale but this one was run by one of those companies that over charges for everything. Again we enjoyed the architecture but no buying went on there.

At this point I thought we were heading home but we passed by a school having a rummage sale and I couldn't pass it by (this was the point of the day after all). This was the only stop on the trip that I wished that I was alone. There was so much stuff in giant piles that I could only look at a little while holding Alder. Here we scored another book some clothes for both of us and some baked sale goods.

Now we were going home, except there was this one sign that just struck me as one I should follow. There wasn't much at the sale but a ton of CDs, I walked out with 8 including a few I had been looking for. At that point I was out of energy and cash so we headed home.

LIST of scored stuff

Sarah McLachlan Surfacing

Jonatha Brooke 10 cent Wings

O Brother Where Art Thou? sound track

Afro Celt Sound System Vol 3

Greg Brown One More Goodnight Kiss

The Story The Angel in the House

This American Life Lies Sissies and Fiascoes

Nomad Nomad

Laura Love Octoroon


TC Boyle The Tortilla Curtain

Benjamin Kunkel Indecision

Haven Kimmel A Girl Named Zippy

Allegra Goodman The Family Merkowitz

Myla Goldberg Bee Season


1960's Wool Jacket with fake fleece lining.

Silk Turtleneck

Linen Shirt



Cow Overalls

Garden Overalls

So I like to indulge in a little consumerism every once in a while. When it's used I don't mind.

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