We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Sep 11, 2007

Just the Stuff of Life on a Day

Moving in is a longer process this time than it ever has been. Alder isn't being too independent these days, who can blame him both Kevin and I are distracted with organizing. This means that only one of us can really focus on working on the house at a time. At this point it really is only the stuff on the dinning room table and a few piles in the living room that need working on. Not much at all. My studio is up and I spent a long evening working on projects listening to Mountain Stage and the rain. We are determined to finish up tonight because there is an island in Maine where we want to be camping tomorrow night.

One of the funky things about this place is that the house next door is deserted, no cool story just a divorce. This means that we look out onto a big dark house at night. At first we thought we wouldn't put curtains up since no one is going to look in but after a few nights we realized we need the curtains to keep us from looking out. There is a big brown cat living in the abandoned house that whooped Bancha's butt the first night we were here, and a few times since then. Bancha is so used to being alpha male that now he stays inside most of the time.

This place is so big for us, we have a bedroom and then all three of us have our own room as well, and there is a spare room. The computer even has it's own little nook. We lucked out on furniture, a Goodwill a few towns over gets a lot of salvage from Target and some furniture stores, we picked up a really cool wood desk for Kevin, two book wooden bookcases and one of those over the toilet cabinets for $200. We are trying not to buy or build too much and wait on somethings for what we can find a flea markets and tag sales.

Alder and I went on a play date yesterday with a cool family near by. The mama is a doula and she unschools her four kids. It was really nice to sit down and talk with another woman who has kids, I enjoyed it a lot. On the way home Alder fell asleep so I just loaded Kevin up in the car and we went on a long drive, ending up at the Northshire Bookstore, which is easily as cool at the Tattered Cover with an entire floor of kids books, crafts and toys (the good kind).

It's finally clearing up after two and a half days of rain, I don't care if it's cloudy in Maine I just hope it doesn't rain the entire time, it might be tough with Alder in the tent all day.

I promise pictures of Maine and the house when we get back, everyone have a good week.


Wendy said...

Welcome to the northeast! Just found your blog via the Homesteading Homeschoolers webring. We're unschoolers in southern, coastal Maine. In my opinion, there's no better place.

It's not raining today (Wednesday) and not supposed to rain until Saturday ... when we'll be camping :). I hope you have lots of sunshine and ocean adventures on your trip.

amanda said...

Your new house sounds really great. I am envious of all of the space it sounds like you have. When it was just me I used to think, "Oh, little houses are the best", but now with a family, and all of our various hobbies--a room for each of us would be perfect.
I hope you made it to your island for camping. Again, envy!! ;)