We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Mar 4, 2007

Cafe Pasqual

When ever I travel I try to have at least one amazing meal. I had been hearing about Cafe Pasqual for over ten years but it did not seem to fit in our trip plans. But after a day of Museums Mary was tired and offered to watch Alder so we could go have dinner.

It was very cold. No it was very very cold and windy. But we decided that we should walk a little before eating. That only made the restaurant seem warmer and more friendly when we entered. Cafe Pasqual is small with art on the walls as well as Mexican streamers crossing the ceiling, but it doesn't fell crowded. There is a certain air of a restaurant that people are regulars at. I know that it is known all over the world for it's food but we showed up in the same stuff we had been wearing all day and fit right in.

Getting there at 6pm was lucky, since we did not have a reservation. But even if we had been later there is a community table that fills the center of the room where we could have shared a meal with others. Instead we had a table for two.

I caught myself looking down where a stroller would be only to remember that Alder was with his grandma. It felt like such a treat to be sitting there just the two of us enjoying a meal that did not involve breaking small pieces of food up for Alder.

Kevin ordered the chicken mole enchiladas which were sweet, spicy and dark. I had a bowl of slow cooked pork in orange and (I am forgetting the name it is a seed from the Yucatan that has an earthy taste). It was one of those meals that I will remember for a long time the food was amazing, coming in from the frigid air made the restaurant seem even more wonderful, and it was the first dinner date Kevin and I have had since Alder was born.

It was too cold for wine besides the food for all it's amazing flavor was not fancy. Instead we had Mexican hot chocolate and lemonade. I would have done better to have the hot chocolate too which was filled with spice and flavor.

But the dinner did not end there. Since we had not had wine we decided to get dessert. We couldn't decide so we got the chef's plate which had a small piece each of: Tangerine Flan, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Triple Mousse Cake, homemade Coffee ice cream and pieces of chocolate bark that was all over the plate. All of it was great, I'm not a tangerine fan but Kevin happily devoured the flan. But the chocolate pecan pie, eaten with bites of the ice cream, enamored me the most. I am an avowed pecan pie hater, I don't like the gelatinous sweet filling and find that the crusts are usually dry. But this was on a different planet, imagine replacing the guck of the evil version with a not too sweet chocolate. I do try to remember all parts of desserts that I like so I can try to imitate them at home but I admit that I don't even remember the crust only that it was perfect. So by the time we were done eating we were in a state of food-gasm.

I only regret that we did not get to try a breakfast there (yet.)

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