We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Jun 20, 2007

A Day in the Life

8:30 am-10am Bike ride, Clear Creek Trail Lowell Blvd to Sheridan Blvd plus around Mountain View lake. Riding around is the perfect nap activity. He always starts out the ride happily watching everything go by but after ten minutes he's out. I need to figure out a good pillow for him since every time I put one in there for him he leans the opposite direction.

10-12 Play around house, Alder figures out how to open the gate at the bottom of the stairs, we figured six foot heavy wooden screen might keep the kid in, ha! Another figuring out project, how to make a lock. It isn't that I don't trust his ability to climb the stairs, it just his habit to slide down them and crumple into a heap at the bottom that concerns me.

12pm Walk to library to pick up books on hold and have picnic. Denver Library is great I can find just about everything I want to read and have them drop it off at our library. I used to love searching things out but now taking Alder to the library is a little chaotic, his Shiva really shows through, so we limit ourselves to children's sections.

1pm- 3pm Swimming both in the big pool and the kiddie pool. As the temperature rises into the nineties here there is really nothing else we can do but go to the pool when Kevin has the car. Alder loves the water and is even moving himself around a little in it. Of course he loves the kiddie pool where he can cruise the edge, but we have fun in the deep water to, although a lot of parents cringe or are in awe when I dunk him under.

3pm- 3:30 Picnic #2 under shady tree.

3:30- 6pm Long walk that includes buying Koolaid to dye yarn and searching out a creamcicle. It was one of those days where just being outside in the shade was where I wanted to be, we just never quite made it home from swimming since I had two goals in mind and a habit of choosing what streets to go down by how much shade they had.

6pm- 7pm Collapse on floor together.

7pm-8pm Make and have dinner.

8pm Alder crashes on meditation mat in living room (his new favorite cozy spot is the mat and a two pillows on it which he dives on to with a look of glee).

8:30 Dye yarn, berry blue and lemon-lime. One of my hands is still greenish the other blueish. And I still need more color. The yarn is not turquoise/ green / natural I think it needs a darker blue tone to fill the natural areas, I'll get some food coloring paste today to do that. Otherwise the process was really simple. All you need is large containers (I used the giant yogurt ones), lots of Koolaid, white vinegar and water.

8:30 Watch Transamerica. Really great movie.

10pm Kevin unearths himself from studying at the library.

10:30 All of us are in bed.

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