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Mar 3, 2008

Nested Eggs Recipe

So I got a lot of requests for the Nested Eggs recipe so here it goes. By the way this was inspired by an eggs Florentine recipe I read on another blog... unfortunately it was a link to a link so I took the basics and ran with it. There are a lot of steps but none of them are difficult.

Time: 30 minutes


Eggs, 2 per person (keep them in the fridge 'til the last moment)
English Muffins 1/2 per person
Veggies to sautéed (I used fennel bulb)
1 small clove of garlic
Butter (or oil)
Parmesan Cheese get a block and grate it yourself for real goodness(don't bother with kraft)
Fresh cream (I supose you could use something else but why this is an indulgence)


Ramekins (they should be 4" deep) 1 per person
Mixer with whisk attachment, or a lot of patience and a hand whisk


1) Butter or grease ramekins, make sure you get them on the bottom and all the way up the sides, you'll regret it when you are doing dishes if you aren't thorough.

2) Preheat oven to 350

3) Sautee veggies. If you decide on fennel use the bulb section and slice it very thin. You only need enough for a 1/2 inch layer in the ramekin. When the veggies are done remove them from the heat.

4) Separate eggs, putting the whites directly into the mixer and the yolks, still in their sacks into a bowl. This is the one part of the recipe that you have to be careful about, if you break the sack then it doesn't work. My trick is to use my hands to seperate the eggs instead of the shell or cups, that way I know exactly whats going on with the egg. Don't forget to remove any rings you have on before doing this part.

5) Whisk whites until stiff. Don't be a coward I really mean stiff not soggy or saggy in the least bit.

6) Cut English Muffins in half and spread with butter, if you are forgetful like me and have to take your butter out of the freezer then melt about a table spoon per two servings on the stove.

7) Place the English Muffins in the ramekins, dribble a little cream around the edges until you feel like they are probably damp.

8) Add a layer of sauteed veggie, not to thick.

9) Spoon egg whites on top until almost even with the top of the ramekin. Don't worry there will be some left in the bowl, don't pile it on otherwise it will spill in the oven.

10) Push the egg whites to the sides so there is a little nest for the yolks to sit in.

11) Grate cheese over whole thing, enough that it isn't a sprinkle but not so much that you can't see the yolks.

12) Put them in the oven for 15 minutes. edit: the eggs should have a slightly browned shell (like a perfectly cooked marshmallow)

13) Serve right away at a pretty table.


1) If you have children who do not like eggs or bread (like a certain little boy I know) you can make it just with the egg whites and cheese and make what is essentially a cheese meringue. This works well because since there is usually a lot of egg white left over.

2) I mention melting butter on the stove, we don't have a microwave, besides I swear that it tastes different.

3) If you are not using dairy in this recipe I would suggest almond milk over say milk since soy has egg like properties when baking.

4) This meal needs a nicely set table, it's just so pretty so have fun with it!!!!

5) I wouldn't serve meat with this dish since the flavors in this are delicate and bacon or sausage would over power it.

Thank you guys for your interest in the dish, I'll try to post any other good dishes I come up with.


jos said...

yum! oh yea, this is patti. And no eggs...we have one of those fellows.Thanks for the recipe.

Wendy said...

Oh, man! This sounds like such a yummy dish - perfect for using up some of the eggs my lovely chickens are giving us, AND a great meal for the coming Spring Equinox!

Oh, I don't know about things where you are, but here in Maine, I'd swear I smell spring ;). I'm so excited!