We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Jul 11, 2008

good morning


I managed to have two hours to myself this morning before anyone else was up. I used it well journaling and drinking twig tea. Now the house is alive with the chaos the two boys I live with create.

a rare pause
robin looking in the window
tea pot interrupting
words pushing through the silence
brown ink spilling from my sleepy mind
a few moments where I am part of the morning
another part of the earth
coming into focus with the rising sun


trish said...

here's how i'm spending my morning. trying to find paper lanterns, linens, silverware, plates, and personalized ribbon for the wedding.
happy day, i think we found my dress! we're going to take another look today.

Anonymous said...

beautiful words. sounds like a beautiful morning.