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David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Jul 16, 2008

Cutting Costs

Like everyone else out there we have been struggling with the rise in cost of oil. Both directly with our gas tank and indirect with food. We have decided to use the next month to cut our spending as much as possible. In fact we have challenged ourselves in a few different areas of our life to see how the changes affect our bank account. I admit that while a lot of these changes are ones that we have been wanting to make for a long time our reasons for changing them now are initiated by our personal need to spend less money.
Good Eating

We've already reduced the amount of extra driving trips from our life, this has been especially tough for me who is a wanderer by nature so I have had to get used to having my wings clipped. I am starting to discover more nearby and really appreciate the times that I do get to go for longer drives. But driving is still a big part of our life (at least for the next few weeks) since Kevin is now commuting four days a week out of town.

The changes that we are making are as follows:

1) Eating out only once a week. Other than books, which we have already cut way down on this is really our only extra expenditure.

on the way
2) Move to the town where Kevin is working, in walking distance of his job. This is a big one, right now we have an almost 500 dollar a month gas bill. It will also cut down on driving because there is a lot for Alder and I to do in this town that is either walking distance or very short drives.
Heading Back Home

3) We are moving into a much smaller apartment that is all on one floor. This is more important for the winter when we won't have as much to heat. Plus it has a fenced in yard and is a few blocks from a playground.
The Stairs

4) We are going to get back into baking all of our bread products. Another bonus of our new apartment is that it has a great kitchen. Right now we're stuck with barely any counter space.
Rosemary Quiche Bread
5) Air dry most of our laundry, this one is still going to take some persuading of Kevin but I'm determined.
On the Line

I'm going to use this blog to help me keep track of our progress. In theory the eating out ban is only for a month but we hope that we'll just get into the habit.

Any other ideas on cost cutting is welcome.


The Grocer said...

Loads of stuff like switching off all the electrical stuff instead of leaving it on standby. Fit flush bags in the loos so you use less water. Make sure houseplants are also herbs that can be used in cooking. I think you already use thrift stores for clothes purchases etc dont you? Use Ebay for any purchases (even if just to compare/research prices)

trish said...

i want to do the air drying thing too especially with the grooming towels. we also are planning on re-routing water from the ditch to water the yard. and once we move here, it will cut down on gas.
i'm also a big fan of the CFL bulbs and using the library for my books and movies.

Christy said...

It sounds like the new place will be really nice and help with the money thing a lot. I'm a wanderer too and it is hard sticking closer to home. I got a bike helmet the other day and am going to start riding my bike with Logan more.