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Jun 24, 2008

Rosemary Quiche Bread Recipe

Rosemary Quiche Bread
First off I want to apoligize about the lack of pictures on the blog. I am doing my blogging at the library which doesn't permit the use of any disks. Usually I can go over to a friends to load pictures but the last time I was their her router was sluggish (understatement). So for now I'm going to stick to words. When I finally get to loading pictures we can all do a happy dance, especially you Alder fans.

Nicole asked for the Rosemary Bread Quiche recipe [I improvised in the making the first time so all of this is approximation]

1 round loaf of bread (I chose Rosemary bread you could do it with anything although I would avoid using anything too dense like a black bread since in won't absorb the liquids as well.)

4 or 5 eggs depending on size, we had one short guy and one really skinny one so we went with 5.

1 cup or so of milk.

1/2 lbs of komatsuna (or other hard green like kale or collards)

1/2 cup goat impasta (again approximation)

a pinch of salt

butter, enough to spread on inside of bread (I'll explain in a bit)

Directions: [preheat oven 425]

1. In a bowl mix together the milk and eggs until uniform in color but not foamy.

2. Add impasta to liquids, set aside.

3. Cut off the top of the bread and dig out the innards, like making a bread bowl for soup. note:save the rest for stuffing or croutons)

4. Roughly chop up komatsuna and add to liquids.

5. Butter the bottom of the loaf of bread and the insides.

6. Put bread in a baking pan (I like glass or cast iron since they heat more evenly than the thin metal cake pans)

7. Pour egg mixture into bread.

8. Cook for approx 30 minutes, although I start checking at 20 minutes. You want the insides set on the edges but still liquid in the middle, a little, since it continues to cook after you take it out.

Unfortunately while this is great the first time round it didn't make for the greatest leftovers, so come with a big appetite or have friends over.


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Anonymous said...

Hi stacey its Sam. I dont have your new phone number and was missing you. My number is 303-621-4498. Hope all is well and Im looking forward to try your quiche recipe:) Sam