We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Feb 18, 2008

A New Project and Why my husband is so cool

So I've decided that I need a project to work on while I'm at work, something creative but not too messy or consuming. So I picked up a bunch of mirrors and frames to paint. Below is the beginning of my first one. Right now it has a black frame to it but that will change soon. I've never painted with enamel before and it's sort of fun. I was inspired by Gra├ža.

And now for a little story about Kevin and the very nasty weather we have been having this week. It was cold and icy for much of the last week, then this weekend it kept vascilating between warm (above freezing) and raining and cold. So this side of New England became an ice skating rink.

The thing is that it had been fine going over to my cousin's house for dinner. But when we went to leave getting to the car was all icy. But that area is notorious for not being in the best shape. Which is why anyone without four wheel drive parks at the bottom of the hill (like say my cousin Dan). So we happily get in the car and start to go down the driveway. The thing is we're going down the driveway but we aren't driving. No in fact we are sliding and then it happens BUMP we tap Dan's car and we come to a slippery halt.

This means we ended up spending the night at their house. But how is Kevin so cool you ask? Well after we get the three of us back to the house he practically crawls back to the car to make sure it's not in the road and to get anything we might need from it. The next morning he makes his way back to the car and goes over to the cabin (except he has to park a half a mile away and walk on the icy roads) to get our bag and stuff. He did all of that with out me asking, he even changed some rather nasty diapers in the mix.

Did I mention he looked good the whole time, smiling and laughing about things, not getting grumpy or pissed off.

Now if we could only figure out what to do with the piece of the bumper that's dangling a little.

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paintergirl said...

The ice, the ice. Ok I don't miss the ice, but I miss you guys. It's weird too without the mountains.

Yay for Kevin. That's a pretty big chore.