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David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Feb 13, 2008

Alder Update plus other stuff

When I started this blog I stopped keeping a baby book since I was putting so much about Alder in here. But lately my entries have been so disjointed and lacking... well any substance... so I thought I'd do another update on Alder and a few other things. [for those of you who are expecting photos this weekend none of these are clear enough, we will have a few for you]

He now says Mm-huh for yes, Moa for more, a version of no, ba, for both bottle and baby, cat, Maman for mama and occasionally up, on, down, tree, no, yep and there.

He is walking up the stairs (which is scary to watch)

He has gotten into an awful habit of wanting to fall asleep while watching a movie (he seems to prefer documentaries and foreign films and loves the Anne of Green Gables Series), I feel guilty but we have been letting him do this some lately otherwise he doesn't settle down until almost 9 pm.

He has been sleeping by himself in the guest room (we are working on finishing his room still)

He has discovered that if you drag chairs places then you can climb them and reach things, especially things that Mama puts up high on purpose.

He loves going for walks.

He likes playing with the camera (with my help)

He will tell you when he is ready to go outside by handing you his jacket and boots.

He is starting to bring us diapers when he wants to be changed.

Other stuff (not related to Alder).

I have two new bags that I am putting on etsy this afternoon.

This is the new fabric that I got while in New York.


Erin said...

I love that bag with the buttons. And that fabric with the black (i think!) print on white is lovely too! I can't believe he's walking up the stairs! Can he go down?!

trish said...

i need close up photos of the fabrics!! :) i have some of the road trip (which i super duper adore.) is that some birdie fabric in the back?

The Grocer said...

It's all scary Stacey and they keep getting scarier but it's great to see them getting independant in little ways.

Christy said...

It is so fun watching them grow! Logan looks like a little man lately.

amanda said...

I love the new bags! And your fabric from New York looks like it must be beautiful.

Alder sounds like an all-around clever kid! And falling asleep to Anne of Green Gables . . . ahhhhh . . . he is a boy after my own heart. He sounds like he's thriving and he looks so happy. Don't be hard on yourself, you are an awesome mom!