We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation and wildness.
David Orr from "Earth in Mind"

Aug 13, 2008


On my 35th birthday I am once again borrowing a computer to write my blog. That's okay, Alder is outside playing with chickens and a friend while I'm sitting here in their kitchen trying to think of what to say. Unfortunately I am completely uninspired, I blame the lack of sleep due to a twitchy-legged husband last night.

We have a lot on our plate right now, new jobs (for both of us), moving, and Alder with his all of his daily changes. I'll try to get back here often but things might be slim for the next month or so.


trish said...

happy happy birthday!!!!!

spinninglovelydays said...

Happy birthday :) Hope all goes well for you and will be looking forward to your updates.


Christy said...

Happy birthday, mine is coming up soon.